1. the empty streets are filled with those who are alone

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    #ICYMI #ScandalFinale

    #ScandalTableRead Season 3 Finale Reaction.

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  3. Let’s have some fun learning Korean! ^^ Learn how to describe your favorite items like “Is that scarf red? No, it’s blue.”

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    Winku~! It’s the first time I included my eyebrows in an eye photo~

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    [12:11 PMToday is flying get day for my new song “Family Party”, which comes out tomorrow! Today at 6 PM I’ll be having a mini-concert and handshake event at Oasis 21 in Nagoya! (´-`).。oO(It’s been a while… 
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    *posts link* Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Family Party (video)


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    Ok, se o meu tumblr colaborasse com a minha vontade de escrever, esse post já estaria pronto a uma semana. Como me irritei com isso, ressaltarei apenas os pontos mais importantes de Falling In Love.

    Pra começar, essa música fica num grude na minha cabeça, que nem “Dança da Manivela” pra resolver…

    Don’t know what this says but the gifs are hilarious so I must share.


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    The funds will go to Purme Foundation, a non-profite organisation who support people with disabilities by building rehabilitation center in South Korea!

    You can send your donations via paypal (see the tutorial here) to allthingstaeyang@gmail.com.

    After you donation please send…